Love and Work

Love is a dynamic entity that is always moving and changing; it’s never stagnant.  And not just romantic love, but all types: hobbies, animals, friendships, etc.  For love to last and to flourish it requires work, and the greater the love the less that work is felt.  If people love their lawns, the cost and the work that is required to maintain it won’t be an issue, but if they don’t really care for their lawns, the work and the cost is dreadful.  If something isn’t cultivated and cared for, it becomes progressively uglier and closer to death; if it is cared for, it becomes progressively more beautiful and more lively; and this is true from our lawns to our relationships to our hobbies.  For love to flourish it requires work, and for work to flourish it requires love.

The work that is required to keep a love moving forward becomes a drudgery if there’s no love in it to make the work joyful.  People hate their jobs because they have no love for what they’re doing, and so they either quit their jobs or become a miserable shrewd.  People get divorced because the work that is required to maintain a healthy marriage and to keep it moving forward is too much of a burden; the love for the other has somehow shrunk so all that’s left is a huge burden of work with little payoff.  In regard to our passions, people who don’t love skateboarding will find it dreadful because of the cost it takes to replace skateboard parts and the toll it takes on our bodies.  Work is a joy when there’s love in it, but it becomes dreadful when love is absent.  Work without love either causes us to quit whatever work we’re doing or it causes us to become miserable.  When love begins to dwindle, the joy of the work that is required of it also begins to dwindle.

For love to digress, all it takes is a neglect of the work that is required to keep it moving forward. For body-builders, as long as they’re spending time in the gym working out, they will at least maintain their level of strength, they’re not going to get any weaker; it’s only until they stop working out completely that they begin to lose muscle.  Their dwindling love for working out begins to show in their dwindling muscles. For skateboarders, as long as their spending time on their board, they will at least maintain their level of skill, it’s not until they stop completely that they start to lose certain skill levels.  For relationships and friendships, if time isn’t being spent with the friend or spouse, the relation will eventually die as they drift farther and farther apart.  Digression and moving backward in the things that we love only comes when the work to maintain and improve it is neglected.  Keeping in contact with people, working through conflict and differences, are all essential to keep a relation moving forward. Love needs work and effort for it to prosper, and it dwindles without the necessary work in order to keep it moving forward.

The work that it takes to cultivate a love is hardly felt if the love is strong.  People that really love and enjoy people, won’t mind the work and the cost that it takes to do things with people, or entertain and feed people in their house.  When people love a spouse, they don’t mind working at the relationship and buying their spouse gifts in order to maintain and improve the relationship.  When people love a career, all the hours of work they put into it doesn’t feel like work because they’re doing what they love.  And for people that love skateboarding, they don’t mind spending hours working at a new trick even though it may cost them bodily injury and a broken board that needs to be replaced.  The work we put into skateboarding puts a toil on our bodies and our finances, and the work we put into relationships put’s a toil on our time, energy, and our finances; but if it’s love, we usually hardly notice it or our hardly bothered by it.  Love makes work enjoyable, and at times hardly even noticeable.

Work and love go hand in hand, when one of them progresses or digresses, the other tends to follow.  It is evident when the work is being neglected and the love is dwindling – gardens die and get ugly, body-builders get flabby, skateboarders lose certain skills, marriages end in divorce, friendships drift apart.  The two or so intertwined that a lack of one will cause the other to dwindle and come to ruin along with it.  Love makes work joyful, and work makes love flourish; the two go hand in hand, and should not be separated.

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