Am I a Bigot?

There is a common belief in America, that when someone says yes to Jesus, not only do they get forgiveness of sins and a ticket to heaven, but they also become judgmental and a bigot, but I hope we can all understand that everybody was already judgmental and a bigot before they become a Christian. The definition of bigotry is, “intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself.” Is there a human being out there that can really say that they have never felt a certain level of intolerance to a particular belief or view? Just look through any of your social media feeds or news outlets and you will see all kinds of intolerance getting put out in the world. And it won’t be from just Christians and Conservatives like many Americans like to think.

Human beings are passionate people by nature, which often makes them intolerant to people that don’t see things the same way as they do. How many times have we read or saw something that someone posted on Facebook or Instagram and shook our heads and said to ourselves, “oh my gosh, what an idiot.” That is bigotry, and it is much more common than we like to think. When the George Floyd protests were going on, I saw many Facebook and Instagram posts that said, “if you don’t believe in the cause and are not out there protesting than you are not my friend.” Which is not necessarily always a bad way to feel if you feel like people are holding you back. However, a statement like that does express intolerance to those that don’t agree with them. I saw another one that was calling a guy a racist for expressing some compassion for the police through all the rioting, which is judgmental. It is good to be outraged by injustice, but why does it often seem that one can’t be outraged by George Floyd’s death, and at the same time have compassion for good police officers? Why is it that we have to either be giving every cop the finger or telling everyone that the BLM cause is complete bogus? Without the balance between the two extremes, we inevitably become bigots. And if we don’t continue to care for all people in our fight against injustice, then we will just recreate the same problem with just a different victim.

Whenever life circumstances or experiences cause people to become zealous for a cause, intolerance to those that don’t agree with them tends to follow. When I went to Jamaica and saw how hard it was for Jamaicans to get skateboard products, I started a GoFundMe to raise money to help them, and I become frustrated with how hard it was to get money from people that seemed to have plenty of it. I would say things to myself like (how can all these Americans with all their affluence not afford to donate a couple bucks to help some people out?) Which was my own intolerance toward people that couldn’t care as much as I did. Bigotry is not an exclusive Christian thing, no matter how much people like to think, it is simply a human thing that everyone does (including myself) almost daily. Everyone gets passionate about their beliefs and viewpoints and responds in intolerance to those that don’t share them to some degree. It is good to care about injustice and do things to fight against it, but let us keep in mind that it is ok for people not to have the same zeal as us. We can’t expect everyone to care about everything that we do and as much as we do.

The biggest adversary to the common Christian will always come from the predominant religion of the culture they are in. In the middle East it is the Islamic zealots; In China, it is the atheistic government; and in America, it is the Liberal progressives, which have a wide range of spiritual beliefs. The most successful tactic of the predominant religion of America is that because they don’t fall into a traditional category of religion, they can convince many people that they don’t do things that religious people do. To have a list of Thou Shall’s and Thou Shall Nots is an ugly Christian thing that our liberal progressive religion in America doesn’t do right? Wrong! They have their own list, and they are no different in that regard. For example, what a taboo it is for anybody in the entertainment industry to show any support for Donald Trump. I have seen articles and heard people like Kanye West mention how many people in the industry support the president but are afraid to talk about it for the backlash it would bring from the media. Or how Eminem said he doesn’t want Trump supporters as fans or customers, and Seth Meyers and Jimmy Kimmel doesn’t want them watching their show. How is that any different than any religious dogma we would find in any church? Don’t misunderstand me and think that I am saying that we need to support Trump, everyone is entitled to their own opinion of the President. What I am saying is that to be intolerant to the people that do support the president is judgmental and bigotry. The media along with all the people that follow along with the liberal progressive religion has its own dogmas like any other little old church.

Some people may feel like Christians judge them for being divorced too many times, or for being gay, or for smoking weed. And there are times when Christians feel judged by nonreligious people for waiting till marriage to have sex, or for not believing in abortions. It is hypocritical to think that “those Christians” are the only judgmental people in the world and nobody else is. Intolerance is in every belief structure, and it is just the nature of having beliefs and opinions. Everyone’s got them, and everyone gets frustrated, annoyed, and shakes their head at people that don’t agree with them. We see this a lot with the face mask mandate. Some people are very passionately against them, and can’t stand the people that make them wear them, and some people are passionately for them, and can’t stand the people that refuse to wear them. Every human has beliefs, and every human has certain levels of intolerance to those with opposing ones, it is just the nature of the game. We are all bigots, we are all judgmental, and we can all be self-righteous. It is not a Christian thing to have these traits, it is simply a human thing.

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1 Response to Am I a Bigot?

  1. Jerry vallotton says:

    All have fallen short of the glory of God / Mans best efforts in right living are equal to filthy rags/ Matt 7:16
    You can identify them by their fruit, that is, by the way they act. Can you pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?/ We are called to look and be wise ( as a serpent) but
    Innocent (as a judge) The log in my eye hurts my chances of helping u with the speck.

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