Little Drummer (Skater) Boy


Christmas time is here, so Christmas songs are being played everywhere. I remember last December when I was working at Starbucks, the song “Little Drummer Boy” came on and I had one of those, “Ah Ha” moments. A song I had heard a hundred times, but never really paid attention to the lyrics or understood what the song was about, all the sudden struck me. Look at the lyrics:

Come They told me/ A new born king to see/ Our finest gifts we bring/ To lay before the king/ So to honor Him/ When we come/// Little Baby/ I am a poor boy too/ I have no gift to bring/ That’s fit to give our king/ Shall I play for you/ On my Drum/ Mary nodded/ The Ox and Lamb kept time/ I played my drum for Him/ I played my best for Him/Then He smiled at me/ Me and my drum.

I love the imagery of this song. A poor boy that loves to play the drums desires to give a gift to the newborn king. He has no money or possessions so the only gift he can give is a performance of his talent. He plays His best for Him and in return the king remarkably smiles back with joy. Pondering this it occurred to me how often we neglect the fact that our God delights in our talents and loves to see us do our best in the things he created us to do. God created us to have talents and to be good at things, so when he sees us do them at our best, it brings Him joy. Talents and skills can be something we do to bless the Lord of the universe, how amazing is that?

As I was at work listening to this song it made me think of how we can do this with skateboarding. Every time we get on a board we have the opportunity to skate our best for Him and bring a smile to His face. Colossians 3:17 says, “And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the father through him.” Whatever we do, we can do it for Jesus and worship and serve Him through it. Worshipping God doesn’t always have to take place in a church or from reading the Bible. We can serve God in everything that we do, so if you have nothing to give this Christmas, get out and skate your heart out for the good Lord and bring a smile to the newborn King.

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