Blessing from a Homeless guy

I met a Homeless guy today named Mathew that ended up being a pretty cool experience.  Our conversation began with him calling me over to talk about a homeless shelter, and we ended up talking for a bit, making small talk and such; and I know that for pretty much everybody (myself included) sees homeless people as people in need of our blessing, or in need of our handouts, and never the other way around.  Homeless people depend on people to take care of them, rescue missions and homeless shelters are designed for that purpose.  I have never felt like a homeless guy could bless me with anything, and I’m sure that’s a very common feeling for everybody.  But this guy Mathew prayed for me, offered to give me all the money someone gave him as we we’re talking, wanted to buy me a beer sometime, and made sure there was nothing else he could do for me.  I’ve never come across a homeless guy that was so selfless; a very humbling experience.

This made me think of how someone that would be considered beneath us can always bless us and teach us something.  A teacher can always learn from and be blessed by his students, and a pastor from his congregation.  Even Jesus (God in the flesh) is blessed by His creation and is reminded of good faith in the account of the Centurion in Luke 7:1-10; the Father of creation is blessed by Abraham and reminded of good faith in Genesis 22:15-19 also.  No one is ever to above someone to receive a blessing or learn/be reminded of something valuable spiritually.  Thanks and Praise to the Father

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1 Response to Blessing from a Homeless guy

  1. Ned Schaut says:

    What a great experience that you had! Eye opening.

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