Giving stuff away at the skate park

I was at a skatepark today, and after I had skated for a while a kid asked me if I had an extra board that I could sale or give away,  so him and his homies followed me to my car and I ended up giving away 2 boards, 2 sets of wheels, and a pair of trucks to him and his homies.  I’ve given away my old product to my friends before, but I’ve never given it away to kids I’ve never met.  This was a lot different then giving an old board to a homie, these kids’ faces lit up and we’re so happy to have my old stuff, I couldn’t believe it, I’ve never seen anyone so happy to have someone’s old stuff.  It made me wish I was a pro skater or something with all kinds of product that I could just give away.

Skateboarding is probably the greatest thing the Lord has ever blessed me with (besides himself) and it’s such a good feeling to feel like your passing on that blessing to someone else instead of just trying to be the best skateboarder you can be.  I’m working on getting a board company launched in a few years with some people and I’m looking forward to being able to do more stuff like this, but with brand new product instead of my old worn out stuff.  A big part of the company’s purpose will be to bless the world through skateboarding, because the Most High has blessed us so greatly through it, and as time goes on we’ll find out more what that’ll look like. As a side note, if I can find all this joy and fulfillment in blessing these kids, it makes me wonder how much more the good Lord love’s to bless his children.

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1 Response to Giving stuff away at the skate park

  1. Simeon Frank says:

    Man this really blessed me, thanks for sharing your heart.

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