The End of “I Miss…..”


Through the course of my brief life, I’ve had the privilege of being able to move around and travel quite a bit, as well as making friends everywhere I’ve gone. Being able to travel is usually always seen as a sign of a good life, but one thing that bothers me about all my moving around and traveling, is that every time I leave a place behind I have to miss all the rad people I’ve gotten to call my friends. The more I move around and travel, the more people I have to miss, and sometimes this longing or missing of these people is so great that I’m not always sure if traveling and always adding to this list is a good thing. As I travel and am left with feelings of longing for the people I have to leave behind, it makes me wonder if this points to a flaw in the system, that maybe God had intended things to be different before everything went haywire in the Garden of Eden.

As crazy as it sounds, there are a few accounts in the Bible of people teleporting. When Jesus is resurrected, he appears to some of his disciples, talks to them a bit, and then “vanishes from their sight” (Luke 24:31). And in Chapter 8 of the book of Acts, Phillip is explaining the prophecy of Christ in Isaiah 53 to an Ethiopian Eunuch, and when he finishes and baptizes the Eunuch, scripture records, “And when they came out of the water, the spirit of the Lord carried Phillip away, and the eunuch saw him no more… But Phillip found himself in Azotus” (Acts 8:39-40). These passages of teleporting have always been fascinating to me, and they make me wonder, “if we could teleport, we would never have to miss anybody; maybe teleporting is something God had created us to do in His original design, and is something that we will be able to do freely when Christ returns and sets everything right at the end of the age?”

C.S. Lewis gives an interesting thought in his book, “That Hideous Strength,” that since the beginning of time, good has always been getting better, and evil has always been getting worst. And if we look at our advances in travel, it’s as if it has gotten a lot closer to that perfect world of never having to miss people. 200 years ago, if someone moved to a different city, state, or country, it usually meant they would never see any of the people they were leaving behind ever again, and if they did see them again, it would have to come at a great cost, and a lot of time, traveling great lengths would have to cost them their lives. But now, with the inventions of airplanes, traveling is a lot less costly and much more manageable. As time goes on, we seem to get closer and closer to never having to miss people for any extended period of time. Someday, when Christ returns and sets everything right, we will finally never have to miss anybody ever again, travel will be as easy and as accessible as a blink of an eye. No cost to our money or risk of illness or death when we want to travel somewhere or go see our good family or friend that is currently in some other part of the world. As we get closer to the end of the Age, God gives us a little better glimpse of some of the realities and lifestyles that will be upon us in the New Heavens and New Earth. The second coming of the Lord Jesus when everything will finally be set right is an exciting thing to look forward too. Imagine what other aspects of life might be like in that day.

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