Arizona Trip: Unity in Diversity

Tailslide Ditch

Phoenix Dream Center – probably the most diverse ministry I’ve ever seen. From rescuing girls out of sex slavery to skate ministry, they seem to to do it all. We (Embassador Skateboards) recently had the privilege of being able to do a skate demo as a part of an outreach event there, which was quite an experience and an eye opener.

The first thing that really struck me about this trip, is that the Phoenix Dream Center does all sorts of ministries. They have a thriving ministry that rescues and rehabilitates girls that have been sex trafficked, which has a success rate of about 90 percent – apparently the highest in the nation. They have a drug rehabilitation program, a homeless shelter, a youth outreach program, a skate ministry, and few other things. For me, I have always struggled a little bit with the fact that I chose to do skate ministry instead of something more noble like rescuing girls out of sex slavery, but coming here it was cool to see so many ministries working side by side. It gave me a little assurance that ministry is ministry, no matter how noble one may appear, they all have the same purpose or end. We are all doing what we can to love people well and express the love of Jesus we’ve experienced. Everyone just has different talents and interests that causes them to go about it differently.

Secondly, after we did the demo we got to hang out with a lot of the kids, and it was crazy to hear some of their stories. One of them who’s name was Corey, looked like your average, harmless skate rat, and no one would ever guess that he has a history of violence which caused him to get kicked out of every school in Phoenix, and that some of his decisions had led him and his best friend to get shot at. He luckily didn’t get hit, but his best friend was shot 6 times and Corey had to watch him take his final breaths as he tried to assure him that he was going to make it and that everything was going to be alright. I didn’t think these kinds of stories happened to skate kids; I never thought it I would ever meet a skateboarder that had to watch his best friend die in his arms because of some shady business. This story showed me that broken people that are in need of some serious spiritual guidance and breakthroughs are in all scenes and come in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter what kind of ministry we are involved in, hurting people that need to have their relationship with their heavenly father restored are everywhere.

I’ve never left a skate demo which such a gladness that such a place exists. Somewhere that recognizes that all ministries are interconnected and that hurting people with gnarly backgrounds come in every fashion. It doesn’t matter what kind of ministry we are involved in, as long as we are doing what we can with the gifts and talents God has given us, we are going to make an impact on people. We are all working together to bring light and healing to the world. Phoenix Dream Center really showcases this truth, and I am super thankful I got to see it.

Here is our tour video from the trip. Enjoy





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