Dearest O’ World

Dearest O’ World, with all your issues, injustices, and problems, it can seem like a skill to be crafted to see any beauty in you. People commit their entire lives in an attempt to make the smallest dent in just one of your problems. Trying to make you a better place can often feel like fighting a seven-headed dragon where we cut off one head just for you to grow back two more. The African slave trade gets abolished just to see slavery of a different kind emerge – the sex trafficking industry. Do you ever get any better or do you just take your problems to a different front for us humans to fight them somewhere else? One problem gets solved just to see two more emerge. Since the beginning of time, living here has been one endless struggle of trying to make you better. Some of us do it on a macro level by moving to Cambodia to try and fight the sex trafficking industry head-on, others on a micro-level by buying a homeless man a meal. Nevertheless, the struggle always continues.

I have a love/hate relationship with you O’ world. Out of you comes the beautiful sounds of music and laughter, and out of you comes the horrific cries for help and justice. Some turn to substance in an attempt to make you tolerable, which for many just creates another problem for people to give their lives to helping. Reading and hearing about all your problems can often make many depressed, but thank God for the joys of friendship, sport, music, and others that bring you your beauty. You will always have your problems, and you will always have your joys. Being a human being is constantly living in a balancing act of addressing your problems, and also making the time to forget about them. We remember and we forget, getting too stuck in one end of the spectrum just brings more problems to our problem infested world.

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  1. Ann says:

    Beautiful dose of hope!

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