Irony in the Wilderness

I think all of us wrestle with feeling like we have a lack of people around us. Whether that be family, friends, community, etc. Most of us, if not all struggle with feeling alone in the world without a solid supporting cast.

I recently did a solo backpacking trip in the Tahoe forest, and as the day is winding down, I have my camp all set up, and I am sitting alone with my thoughts, journaling and reading a book. It occurs to me then that I am holding a book my wife got me, writing with a pen my friend Jon Wagner got me, and having an overall experience that I couldn’t have done without my friend Mark Johnson showing me how to do. Suddenly I realize that how could I ever say I have nobody? It is quite ironic that it is when I am alone in the wilderness that I have the most clarity with what great people I have around me. Life is funny like that sometimes.

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